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Ages 6 - 12



We set students up for productive school days through an effective morning routine that helps define daily goals for them. This club encourages:


  • Integrity

  • Responsibility and sense of purpose

  • Self-Awareness



Student-led activities and large-group experiences

in team-building games promote collaboration and self-reflection. Children learn about:

  •  Independence

  • Conscious reflection

  • Personal responsibility

  • Sense of community

Physical challenges, as well as large-motor and

team-building activities, keep students fit and healthy, setting them on a path to:

  • Developing healthy habits for life

  • Reducing anxiety and stress

  • Boosting self-esteem

We encourage organization, responsibility, and

self-awareness in a structured, supportive environment for doing homework. This club emphasizes:

  • Organization

  • Responsibility

  • Self-awareness

Long-term projects are developed with and by students, around issues important to them and their community. These activities promote:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Connecting with the community

  • Giving back and making a difference


Ask your director for details about the clubs currently available in your school.