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Our Commitment to Our Families

It is our goal that your child’s creativity and self-esteem will be nurtured. It is our goal that he or she may learn new ideas and concepts. It is our goal that your child will find that learning in itself is an exciting and enriching adventure; one of growing and becoming. 

We are here to offer your children the care, comfort, learning environment, fun and safety they deserve. And for you, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is in the best of hands. Each day promises an exciting new adventure, and we make sure each child experiences the joys of a truly caring environment. 

We also strive to be your partner. We are completely transparent in our programs and curriculum, we continuously self-assess and look to improve, and we make communication with you a paramount part of the childcare environment. 

The following are the basic goals for the children who are in our care: 


•   to become independent and learn to be in control of their emotions 

•   to be able to express and deal with the emotions they have 

•   to learn how others express and deal with emotions 

•   to develop empathy with others 


•   to be able to interact effectively with others, regardless of perceived differences 

•   to be able to respect others and the property of others 

•   to be able to function well in a group setting 

•   to be able to understand why they should cooperate with others 

•   to be able to develop meaningful friendships 


•   to develop large and small motor skills 

•   to learn the importance of good nutrition and good hygiene 

•   to develop lifelong, healthy habits 


•   to develop a lifetime love of learning 

•   to learn observation and discussion skills 

•   to build a love for reading 

•   to build upon natural curiosity 

•   to develop the foundation needed to advance in the primary grades 








In the interests of fulfilling our mission and actuating the amazing potential of each child, the following School-Parent Student compact has been developed. Teaming together, we will support our students to become the best that they can be. 

School Responsibilities 

1. To provide a safe, nurturing, drug-free learning environment, with classroom style communities well-furnished with STEAM materials     

2. To provide a teaching staff educated in STEAM and Montessori style philosophy and methodology, appropriate to the age level they are               teaching, with the commitment and ability to implement its core principles and to model peaceful, proactive behavior 


3. To partner with parents, understanding they are their child’s first and most important teachers. To do this as effectively as possible, school staff will: 

◦ Appreciate the uniqueness of each child and family 

◦ Respect the cultural and personal differences of all community members 

◦ Facilitate ongoing communication with the home 

◦ Solicit solutions with parents and students to the greatest extent possible 

◦ Solicit needed and appropriate parent involvement in school and classroom activities 

◦ Provide continuing parent and staff development opportunities 


4. To strive always for more effective implementation of Reggio Emilia, STEM and Montessori style philosophy, incorporating peer problem solving, peace and character education, and strong social emotional and academic goals